Governments raise and spend money on behalf of their citizens and businesses. FPO World’s mission is to ensure that taxpayers’ money is efficiently and effectively managed. We focus on both the financial and the policy aspects of the performance of governments in managing public funds.


FPO World is a partnership of experienced experts in the domain of financial and performance oversight in public institutions in transition, developing and post-conflict countries. The experts associated to FPO World have worked for clients worldwide comprising the European Commission, World Bank, OECD, INTOSAI and a variety of bilateral development partners including GIZ and DFID.

FPO World’s experts can be hired for individual assignments or FPO World can be contracted to manage and implement projects involving several expert positions.

FPO World’s lean organisation allows for competitive fees while the experienced experts will ensure the highest quality in project delivery.


The perspective of FPO World on effective consultancy is to work in close cooperation with the Client without compromising on its independent position.

We understand that, as a contractor, FPO World needs to listen and respond carefully to those officials that bear responsibility. Our contribution draws on a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in an international context. Based on a robust analysis of the current PFM systems and practices, FPO World will advise and present viable and practical solutions.