Ferdinand (Ferrie) Pot

Ferdinand Pot combines a PhD in the field of Institutional Economics with a Master degree in Public Controlling. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the domain of Public Finance Management including 10 years in central and local government in the Netherlands. Since 2006, he advises governments across different continents on aligning their PFM systems to international good practice.
Dr. Pot has extensive international work experience in PFM capacity development projects in transition countries. As Partner and Head of the Sector Finance & Accountability of ECORYS Nederland, he beared responsibility for numerous PFM reform projects commissioned by a wide array of clients including the EU, DFID, GIZ and WB.

Dr. Pot’s specific area of expertise is the introduction Performance-based Budgeting (PBB) systems and the implications for budget preparation, budget execution and audit. His experience in PBB originates from his work in the Netherlands where he supported the introduction of PBB in the early years of 2000 as representative of the Netherlands Court of Audit in the intergovernmental working group. Since 2006, Dr. Pot has supported the Ministries of Finance, Line Ministries and Supreme Audit Institutions across different continents in introducing or improving their PBB systems by drafting manuals and providing tailored trainings and on the job support.

In addition, Dr. Pot has specific experience in capacity building for Supreme Audit Institutions. Based on his experience as senior audit manager in the Netherlands Court of Audit and Board Member of a regional audit chamber in the Netherlands, he has been engaged in numerous international projects to support SAI capacity. He has worked with the SAI’s of Armenia, Croatia, Kosovo Turkey (on 3 different projects), Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, South Africa and Swaziland.

In addition, Dr. Pot is regular consultant to INTOSAI. On behalf of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) he has designed the training materials for the SAI PMF initiative (Supreme Audit Institution Performance Measurement Framework), provided trainings for donors and Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide and carried out five SAI-PMF assessments in different countries.

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