South-east Europe: Evaluation of Macro-Financial Assistance

FPO provided team leadership and/or key expertise to various evaluations of the Balance of Payment (BoP) support provided by the EU in the form of Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA). The ex-post evaluation focused on both the macro-fiscal impact and the effectiveness of a number of structural conditionalities in the domain of Public Finance Management (on issues such as Public Procurement, Public Internal Financial Control, Treasury systems). FPO was involved in the evaluations of the following MFA programs:

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina:MFA granted in 2003-2005 – evaluation was carried out in 2006-07
  • Albania: MFA granted in 2005-2006 – evaluation was carried out in 2007-08;
  • Moldova: MFA granted in 2007 – 2008 – evaluation was carried our in 2009-10 (team leader);
  • Hungary: Balance of Payment 2009-2010 – evaluation was carried out in 2011 (team leader).